How to Get Anything You Want in Life... For Real!

How To Get Anything You Want In Life Without the Struggle or the Hassle

The headline might have sounded a little bit click baity… but it’s true!

There’s a process to get anything you want in your life and I know it because I created it.  “WHAT?!” Oh, yes I did lol! And I want to share it with you.  What good is knowing something if you aren’t gonna share it right?  Right!  This is my contribution to the world… gathering what I learned from the gurus in the books I’ve read, the classes I’ve taken, and the online courses I bought, to build a succinct process and sharing it with you! Anyway, it’s much deeper than any goal setting process I’ve ever been taught because it goes much deeper.

This process covers the mindset, the actions, and the environment around you as you work towards getting what you want.  Oh yea and there’s that too… work!  But it’s not especially “hard” ward and you don’t have to hustle, grind, or struggle.  So what is this process?  It’s my non-patented (lol) Goal Achieving Process! Super original right?  I know!  The most important part of the title is “Achieving”  meaning if you follow this process you will achieve your goals no ifs, ands, or buts about it.  So ready to get started? Let’s go!

Here’s my 10 Step Process to Get Anything You Want in Life… Starting today!

Step 1: What’s Your Vision for Your Life?

Get super clear on what you want your life to look like in 1-3-5-10 years from now.  This is all about the BIG picture.  The best way to do this is to visualize yourself in those time periods from now starting with 10 years and working back.  Describe it in detail in your journal.  Get deep into the visual of it all and write it down.  Where do you live?  Where do you work?  What’s your family structure? What’s your health like?  What’s your financial status like?  What’s your lifestyle like? Get really clear on all of it.

Step 2: What Does Success Mean to You?

Get clear on what SUCCESS means to you.  How does success show up for you in your life?  What value do you bring to the world? (This one is deeper than you think) What qualities do you have for success?  Once you get clear on this you can move on to the next step!

Step 3: Start Attracting the Life You Want Now!

Begin attracting the life you want.  This might seem counter-intuitive but it’s purpose is to start changing your mind and creating the necessary plot space for success seeds to grow (I know I know what it is with me and these gardening analogies?! lol)  The way to start attracting the life you want it to start being grateful for what you have presently, building a meditation practice, and more!  Once you got the practices from this step in order you can move on to the next step.

Step 4: Discover and Get Over the Resistance!

Resistance! Before we actually create the goals we need to get to the heart and mind of why you already think you won’t be successful.  This is going to the dark side.  Really dark.  Imagine this:  You want to lose weight… but you are resistant to it.  Once we go through this portion you find that your resistance is that you don’t want to go shopping for new clothes!  Since you don’t want to buy new clothes you sabotage your weight loss!  But there’s actually a block there and if you were to work with me we would get through that block!  Once you get through that block it’s on to step 5.

Step 5: Creat Your S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals!

Create your goals!  Yep!  Finally got there!  The reason it’s down here and not first is because we need to get to the vision you have for your life and what success means to you that way when we create your goals we can see if they are actually in alignment with what you want your life to be versus being full of shoulds, coulds, and woulds you know? I have a specific process for this that you can find more about once you download the checklist here: Goal Achieving Process.

Step 6: Create Your Contingency Plan!

Your contingency plan is for when sh*t goes left and you’re suddenly derailed.  When that happens we create a plan to help get you BACK on TRACK!  This is because life and Murphy always seem to find a way when things are going right, right?  In addition to planning for external saboteurs like Murphy and Life we plan for the most dangerous saboteur of all… you!

Step 7: Overcome Blocks Like Procrastination!

Overcoming common blocks that keep you stuck or not moving at the pace you want.  Know what those are?  Procrastination and confusion/ lack of clarity.  During this section of the process we look at habits and triggers to keep you moving forward. We also review your vision from step 1! This is why we focused on getting the vision for your life clear. Once we have safety mechanisms in place to keep you moving forward we go to step 8.

Step 8: Put it All Together and Make it Visual!

Put everything together and get visual with it. Visual reminders that are constantly viewed get implanted in your brain and when you push desire at it your brain does what it can while awake and asleep to work out how to accomplish this goal.

Step 9:  Get External Accountability!

This is such an important part of achieving your goals!  Having external accountability is sort of like peer pressure but in a positive uplifting way!  This could be either with a group of friends who are working towards something, a mastermind, or working with a coach one on one.  External accountability works and the more people in on the accountability group the more the positive uplifting pressure because the people in the group WANT to see YOU SUCCEED!  Craziness right?  Anyway that’s step 9 and I think its one of the most important step because how many times you said you were gonna do something but because you didn’t have any one to answer to you didn’t get it done?  I can raise my hand here too!  That’s why I’m in an accountability group to help me continue to build my business!

CLICK the IMAGE Below to get the checklist!

Step 10:  Take Inspired Action!

Action!  Take inspired action!  This doesn’t have to be massive action because that may not be sustainable but inspired action usually is sustainable.  Inspired action is the act of doing things as if you were there already.  Example: you want to get out of debt.  Find out what are things that people who aren’t in debt do and do those things.  You might find that people in debt don’t rely on credit.  Find out how you can live your life with out relying on credit. They probably budget so you can start budgeting.  All of this is acting as if.  Because eventually if you act enough, you become.

And that’s it!

See how if you follow this process you have no choice but to achieve your goals?  Can you  imagine what it’ll feel like when you start having those micro wins and you start building momentum? Your dreams will start coming true right before your eyes!  This process has helped me to become debt-free, travel the world, start two businesses, be married, and continue with school.  It’s amazing!  So get the checklist so you can start on your journey to achieving your dreams starting TODAY!

Do you have a process for achieving your dreams? Share in the comments below and don’t hesitate to share this post with the people you care about!

How to get anything you want and live your best life... for real!



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