How To Get Out of Debt: A Three Prong Approach

Spending Less

Earning more


If you attack your debt using this approach you’ll release a lot more debt and have an overall better view of your life. 

Spending less

Spending less isn’t solely about being “Frugal”.  It’s more about being a minimalist/essentialist. Ask yourself these 2 questions: “Do I NEED it?”, if the answer is “no” then ask “If I don’t need it why do I want it?” And this a much deeper question.  This question starts to get to the root cause of overspending, hoarding, and more.  It’s quite eye-opening the response you may get from yourself when you as these questions because our subconscious is often in the driver’s seat in our brains.  These questions push the subconscious back to being a backseat passenger.

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Earning More 

Earning more isn’t as much about putting in more hours at work as it is getting paid for your expertise. Running a business or a side hustle using your talents are a few ways to get paid for your expertise.  Side hustles are also called “streams of income”.  That could be making a blog and monetizing it, writing a book, creating an e-course, or selling your love for social media through Virtual Assistant jobs.  It’s anything you do in addition to your regular 9-5 and it can eventually become a business that allows you to live the life you really want to live…on your own terms!

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Gratitude Attitude

When you practice gratitude what you have seems to be more than enough.  Being thankful for what you already have is more about appreciating the little things in life than it is about having the latest gadget, bag, shoes, hairdo, etc. It’s not about being sad for what you don’t have. 

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If you approach debt from this standpoint you’ll build wealth in your life in more ways than one. You’ll end up owning less, owe less, and experience more. 

I know this is short but this concept has been on my mind for a little while now.  If you have any more “tips” for getting out of debt feel free to share in the comments below!  If you think this might be of help to someone in your life SHARE it!  Sharing is caring in the world we live in.


Until next time!

Brittany Marie



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