3 Tips to Make Achieving Your Goals Inevitable!

Ok so let’s talk about achieving your goals!  What are questions you might be having when achieving your goals?

Some questions I’ve gotten were:
“How do I plan for when things don’t go quite the way I hope and I fall off the wagon?”

“How can make it easier to accomplish my goals?”


“What can I do to make sure that what I’m working towards is what I want?”

So today we’re gonna answer these questions and give you some action steps to take to start moving forward!

Ok, so the first question was:

“How do I get back on the wagon when something has gone wrong to knock me off?”


The answer here is to plan for saboteurs!


What are saboteurs?  When unexpected things happen to knock you off course.  Kinda like Murphy’s Law “what can go wrong will go wrong”.  I like to explain this as the things that happen the moment you say you wanna make some kind of change.  Like when you say you want to start saving money and your car tire blows out and you gotta either use the money you just set aside to fix it or put it on the credit card you are trying to get out of debt with!  


Now there’s another saboteur we need to worry about as well. Are you wondering who or do you already know?  You probably already know because deep down inside it’s YOU!  You are the only one who can control what actions you take towards your goals!  So we must plan for you as well!


How do we plan for Murphy and you?  

We create a contingency plan based on what you know about you!


So in order to plan for saboteurs, you have to ask yourself these 5 questions so you can get a deeper understanding of what’s going on.

  1. Why is this goal important to you?  Get really deep… keep asking yourself why for every answer you give.
  2. What will you gain if you complete this goal?
  3. What things (thoughts, feelings, and actions) will keep you from performing the goal tasks?
  4. What can you do to improve your success rate?  These should be the solutions to the issues you raised in the previous question
  5. Finally, who can you buddy up with to add some external accountability to help you reach your goals and have some support? This should be someone who will hold you accountable and you will hold them accountable as well.


Go through these questions with every goal you complete and make sure that you take care to answer them all as fully as possible! This is so you can fully know yourself and your internal weaknesses because those are the things we can actually plan for!  


Alright on to the next question:

“How can I make it easier to accomplish my goals?”

Before I get into how to make it easier it’s important to know if this is something you actually want to accomplish or is this a SHOULD?  Is someone “shoulding” you with this goal?  Because if they are it’s never gonna be easy to do.  It’s gonna feel forced, fake, and inauthentic.  If this is something you want to do for yourself then proceed!


The best way to make it easier to accomplish your goals is to make the tasks you need to complete into habits and form them!  How can you do this?  Well first let’s break down a goal into a simple be know do exercise!


Here’s an example goal “become debt free”


Ok so who/what do you have to BE?

Be consistent, be persistent, be disciplined, be frugal, and be mindful.


Ok so next is what do you have to KNOW?

How much debt I am in.

How to reduce expenses.

How to enjoy life on a budget.

How to reduce reliance on credit cards.


Ok and now what do you need to DO?


Find ways to Reduce expenses

Find things I like to do without spending money

Surround myself with people who understand!


Ok so now it’s time to couple everything and put together some action steps!


So in order to stay on track, I must review my budget consistently and that means once a week.

I need to be disciplined in reducing my expenses and plan meals, and take things from home to eat at work

I need frugal ways to have fun so subscribe to the FREE events board for things going on in my city.

I need to be mindful of how often I use my credit cards and try to leave them at home more often!


So now we build habits from here:

  1. Review budget weekly
  2. Take meals to work daily
  3. Plan meals and shopping trips
  4. Check the events board weekly and plan a free night out with friends or loved ones
  5. Leave my credit cards at home 3x a week.


Boom!  These are new habits you can start with and schedule them into your calendar and set reminders through your phone and you’ll be debt free before you know it!


That’s how you make accomplishing your goals easier!


Yes there’s some work in this but when you plan this out like this it makes it much easier to accomplish your goals because you’ve made the “hard things” habits that are built into your life!


The final question I get asked is

“How can I make sure that what I’m working towards is what I want?”

The most important part here is “what I want”!


What I mean here is that first, you have to get clear on what it is you want in the first place!  What does that look like?  This is something I talked about in this blog post. It’s important to visualize the success you want.


Next how will you know you’re successful?  What does it look like when this goal is accomplished?  Is that what you want? Or is it something that you SHOULD want?  There’s a difference!  Get really clear on what you want and what it is that want looks like.  Visualize it with the 5 senses and then make it visual!  Post it in the places you are all the time so it kinda just sinks into your subconscious.  All your actions will start moving you towards that vision of success!  Your vision is one of the most important parts of making your goals a reality.  If you’re not visualizing them you’re not making them a reality and that’s the truth.  


So we’ve covered how to prepare for when you fall off the wagon, how to make achieving your goals easier, and how to know if what you’re working towards is actually what you.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment below or send me a message on FB directly here: https://m.me/simplybrittanymarie!


And remember… Don’t Settle!  Elevate Your Impact!

With 💜

Brittany Marie


P.S. Don’t forget to get your Goal Achieving Checklist HERE!

I can't believe how much easier this makes it to accomplish my goals! 3 Tips to Make Achieving Your Goals Inevitable!

I can't believe how much easier this makes it to accomplish my goals! 3 Tips to Make Achieving Your Goals Inevitable!

I can't believe how much easier this makes it to accomplish my goals! 3 Tips to Make Achieving Your Goals Inevitable!

I can’t believe how much easier this makes it to accomplish my goals! 3 Tips to Make Achieving Your Goals Inevitable!


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Elle N. Em - June 18, 2017 Reply

Thanks for this advice. Right now, I’m in a blogging slump. Thanks.

Kiwi - June 19, 2017 Reply

I think we all struggle with accomplishing our goals at some point. But thats the fun with living in this world, to have goals, go through the journey and be consistent and believe you can do it!

Kita - June 19, 2017 Reply

Perfect tips especially on getting sidetracked and starting again. I believe stopping is sometimes necessary to make your vision clear.

Mimi Green - June 19, 2017 Reply

Brittany girl I feel like this was a read honey. A much needed read to get me back on track. I lost focus somewhere and these are the steps I need to take immediately.

Olivia - June 19, 2017 Reply

These are great tips! Thanks for sharing! People definitely NEED this!

Toni - June 19, 2017 Reply

This was a great read! With awesome and helpful tips. We all get side tracked time to time, with life coming at us 100mph. So it’s good to have some sort of guild line, like what you gave here!

Kim - June 19, 2017 Reply

You must have known I needed this. I have been slacking with my blogging. I literally sit in front of a computer at work all day long, and by the time I reach home I don’t want to look at a computer screen. Thank you for the tips

Carissa - June 20, 2017 Reply

Great Tips, especially the 5 questions to ask yourself to get you back on track, I may need to print those in put them in my planner!

Ty - June 20, 2017 Reply

It’s funny that I came across this post today but I have been stuck…literally, stuck! I am in a place where I need to figure it all out and yes, I need to start with my goals. This post is exactly what I needed. Thank you!

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