The Best Way to Make Your Dreams a Reality without Getting Overwhelmed

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Most people quit before getting started and I don’t want you to be one of them!

You’re probably wondering…

“How?” right?

Well first let me just say that most people have dreams…

Do you agree?

Well fewer people have goals.

Am I Right?

Anyway the people who have dreams seem to think that their dreams can’t come true because…

They’re too big…

Too Far Fetched…


It’s something they can’t do because of…

No Money…

No Support…

Or something else…

Am I right?

What’s really going on here is that you don’t have the proper system in place to…

move you from Dreams to Goals!​

There’s a way to do it that doesn’t overwhelm you and gives you a sense of purpose!

This method works even if you are unsure even of what your dreams are!

I used this method and it helped me see the world and get out of low income housing!

So, if I can do it then you can do it as well!

​We can take it step by step here:

Step 1:  Conduct a “Future-Self Visualization” and at the end write down everything that can be described with your 5 senses (what you heard, saw, smelt, tasted, and felt) This makes it more REAL to your mind

Step 2: ​Now take 5 mins and brainstorm: “What would you do, have, and be if ANYTHING were possible?”  There’re not limits here.  Just write is allllll down.

Step 3: Sort everything into 4 categories “Lifetime”, “3 Years”, “1 Year”, and “3 Months”

Step 4:  Set a timer for 1 min and ​select one item from each category!  The pressure is on!

Step 5:  Now you have your goals!  Just verify that they are S.M.A.R..T.E.R. goals and viola you’re done!


Are you?

Are you wondering…

“What the heck is a Future-Self Visualization, Brittany?!”


“What’s a S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goal?”

If so then while you can start this process it won’t work if you’re missing important information!

Which is why I developed a mini session for us to work through this together!

We go through the whole process but we make sure that you see yourself properly and that the goals you create are effective goals!  This is what it takes to go from Dreams to Goals to Reality!

And we can do it together in a quick mini session that’s about 20 mins long and will probably be the most enlightening 20 mins you’ve had in a while!​ I’m tooting my horn there but hey it’s true lol

If you want to take this proven process and take it to the next level by working with me one on one it’s easy!  Just purchase a session below using the paypal link!

In addition to this you get a recording of this call to review it when you seem to get lost!
Awesome right?​

Schedule your session today!  Simply get started below!



About the Author

Brittany Marie is a Transformational Growth Coach for women who want to make their dreams a reality and use it to live their purpose and impact the world! She does this by providing coaching, 1:1 intensives, group masterminds, blog posts, and workshops! When she isn't doing all of this she is spending time with the love of her life or relaxing with her knitting :-D To get in contact with her please go to the "reach out to me" in the menu bar or in the footer.

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