Want some proof of why it’s important to maintain a healthy money mindset? Because sometimes the mind is just so finicky. Nearly anything can trigger negative thoughts.

Waking up with money worries is never good. Sometimes the mind gets racing on a downward spiral of “what ifs” and it can be hard to stop.  I know because I still struggle with this occasionally because I grew up with financial insecurity.

Since I grew up with financial insecurity, sometimes I worry about money. I worry that we’ll “run out” of money. This is because fear based money memories never truly go away. I have to physically and mentally remind myself that we aren’t running out of money anytime soon if ever.

I do this by practicing gratitude and reviewing my bank balances and investments. Reviewing my budget and making sure we stay on track. This along with mediation and affirmations to rise above these thoughts and let them go. And sometimes… I treat myself to something that makes me feel abundant like a fancy dinner 😜 lol

CLICK HERE to see other things I do to maintain my money mindset daily!

What’s something you do to overcome money worries? Let us know in the comments below!

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