Practical Ways You Can Save $1000 for Unexpected Emergencies… Starting Today

Practical ways to save $1k for unexpected emergencies

Practical ways to save $1k for unexpected emergencies

Life happens and s*** happens.  Even worse? It always seems to happen when you are trying to get your s*** together.  Can I get an Amen? It seems like as you’re working on something important, like getting your finances in order, life comes from left field knocking your ducks down.  Unfortunately, that’s life and we just have to deal with it.

We can hope for the best and but we need to prepare for the worse.  When preparing for the worse, financially, creating a quickie emergency fund is the first step.  Check out the article I wrote on how to create one here.  Today we are going to talk about how to get the money to put in your emergency savings account.  It is in your best interest to fund this ASAP because we might be able to outrun Murphy’s Law but not for long.  Here are 5 ways you can get the money starting today.

1st Way: Start decluttering your home

Whether you live in a studio apartment in NYC (aka overpriced matchbox with no view), a barracks room in Germany, or a 6br/5ba home in California there’s bound to be crap, I mean stuff, you aren’t using, don’t need, or don’t even want that’s taking up space in your home.  Having a yard sale is a great way to get rid of the stuff and start making some cash.  You can even sell your unwanted items online.  Here’s a quick list of places you can sell your stuff online:

  1. Buy Sell Trade groups on Facebook (local and worldwide)
  2. The infamous Craigslist is a viable option still
  3. Bookoo Yardsales is good for local sales
  4. There’s always eBay

Now, I will admit decluttering can be draining.  I’m in the process of destashing my yarn right now from Brittany’s Chik Boutik.  While I am happy to see my PayPal account growing, photographing, listing, interacting, and going to the post office drain my energy.  But because my goal is to remain debt free, even in my business, I am happy to do it.  Decluttering can quickly fill your quickie emergency fund.  An additional benefit of decluttering your home is you’ll find stuff.  You won’t need to purchase new items thereby saving you, even more, money on the flip side.

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2nd Way: Reduce your food costs

The most expensive variable cost in household budgets is food.  Why?  Because we gotta eat lol.  There are ways to reduce the amount spent on food.  Most of it happens before and after you go shopping. Meal planning, looking through refrigerator and pantry, create a grocery list (recipe ingredients – fridge/pantry items = grocery list), finding and printing coupons through (with your list handy), then going grocery shopping.  Please, for all things good for your budget, eat before shopping.  Hunger plays tricks on both your mind and your wallet.  Go home and put the stuff away.  I usually don’t cook after grocery shopping…it drains the heck out of me.  I usually buy a quick bag meal just to throw in a pan and go.

I leave the meal plan and the recipes on the fridge door to remind me NOT to order out lol.  It can be tough but I tell you what. An awesome side-effect of not eating out this week has led me to drop 2lbs this week without changing anything else so there’s a health benefit as well.

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3rd Way: No Spend Days / Weeks / Months

(no spend months are not recommended)

“No Spend” days are really good if you have at least moderate control over your spending.  You can take the money you would have normally spent on say Starbucks and Lunch and sock it away into the emergency savings account and bring some leftovers from home as lunch.  Caution: If you are the type to binge spend at the slightest thought of scarcity please don’t partake in no spend days until you’ve worked with a Financial Mindset Coach, such as myself.  I can work with you in changing your over-spending habits and spending triggers and help you discover you money mastering warrior princess!  Contact me here: Work with Me

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4th way:  Start a side hustle

Side hustles are a great way to increase the money coming into the household.  Side hustles are all about leveraging the skills and talents you already have…like using that bachelor’s degree in English to be a proofreader/freelance writer/ online English coach…etc.  Do you see where I am going with this?  If you are a social media buff behind your 9 to 5 then become a social media manager for someone.

When hustling you can’t be afraid to put yourself out there!  If you aren’t interested in online hustling then there are many in person hustles a person can take up like Uber, Lyft, Delivery, Postmates, etc.  This new sharing economy is great for the side hustlers!  Multiple streams of revenue have long been the secret to ridiculous amounts of wealth.  Working for your boss isn’t going to get you there for sure.  Side hustling is key.

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5th Way:  Just add money with every paycheck.

If you have a decent amount of income coming in from your paycheck it may only actually take 8 weeks or less to fill the emergency fund because you aren’t obligated to anyone else.  That is a great situation to be in.  Even millionaires need money plans and guidance.  Money doesn’t buy good habits…I am just saying.

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I hope this got the juices flowing on how you can add money to your quickie emergency fund. There are many ways to get the money you need to put in this savings account.  When you focus and commit to the process it tends to work.

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Practical ways to save $1k for unexpected emergencies

Practical ways to save $1k for unexpected emergencies

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