Want to (Re)Discover Yourself?  Start with these 5 areas!

When I was in the military I lost myself… I wasn’t sure who the hell “Brittany” was any more…

I knew she was an American soldier, a warrior and a member of team, and she served the American people… but who the heck was she?  So I began searching for her.  And I realized she was still in there just buried by all the should and expectations of the roles put on to her by the rest of the world.  After working through a course I became a Certified Life Purpose Coach.  Working through the exercises I work with my client on I began realizing who it was. I know this works!

By asking specific questions and answering honestly you can begin to rediscover yourself as well!  There are 5 areas where you can start to reclaim the woman you are or reinvent her.  These areas are the roles you play, your passions, your values, your talents and skills, and your personality!   I’m going to cover approx 5 questions from each section that you can ask as you get started on the journey to rediscover yourself!

Consider your conditioning

Considering your conditioning is all about reviewing the influences you have on your life from when you were a child to now.  This can be from the roles you play to the people who raised you! Ask yourself these 5 questions and answer honestly:

  1. What roles do you play on the stage of life? A good way to look at this and answer is what titles do you have that aren’t your name? i.e. Wife, student, veteran, mom, soldier/sailor/marine, race, gender, etc.  All of these influence who you are and how the world see you and how you see yourself.
  2. What would these roles need to look like for you to feel like you’re true to you? Asking this might help you realize that something need to change and you’re ready to take your power back and choose how you want your life to be.
  3. Who would be affected by you changing the roles you play?
  4. What benefits would you get from removing or changing the roles you play?
  5. Who would you be if the roles you don’t want to play just upped and disappeared?

These questions will make you think for sure and there will be plenty of “ah-has!” and “Eureka!” lol

On to the next section to evaluate in your journey rediscover who you are!

Consider the things you are passionate about!

This can be all the things that you love, the things that rile you up, the things that get you excited!  Take a moment and answer these 5 questions about rediscovering your passion!

  1. When I was kid I wanted to be _________ when I grew up
  2. In the past as a kid and even now I enjoyed ____________.  List everything you can think of from food to activities, places, and traditions and WHY you enjoyed them!
  3. The things I do now that bring me pleasure are ____________
  4. The activities I know I love that I might not be doing right now that I’d like to do are _________
  5. The other aspects of my life that bring me joy, excitement, and that energize me are ____________
  6. In my life I’ve been passionate about ____________

After going through this you’ll begin learning and relearning things about yourself!  Maybe you’ll pick up a hobby or start something new that just for you!  Working through these questions will really help you rediscover who you are!

Consider your values!

These speak to the more altruistic version of you!  Values often express themselves in the specific ways we wish the world were a better place!  So ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. What would I like to change in the world?
  2. In what ways can I BE the change I want to see in the world?
  3. What do I stand for?

When you answer these questions you might realize why it is some people rub you the wrong way… chances are their values don’t line up with yours in a way for them to mesh.  That’s ok!  You get to choose who you are around most the time. When you can’t choose just be awesome!

Consider your talents and your skills!

We all have skills and talents and reviewing them not only reminds us of how awesome we are; it also shows us possible areas of income!  Can you say win-win?  Anyway ask yourself these 5 questions to see where your awesomeness lies in your talents and skills!  By the way in case you were wondering skills are things you’ve been taught to do and talents are things that came naturally!

  1. My key skills/ talents that come naturally are _______________
  2. I shine bright like a diamond when ________________________
  3. Others tell me I’m good at ________________________
  4. What skills do you have that are unique?
  5. What talents do you have that come easy to you that others might find difficult?  (THIS right here?! Possibly money! YES!)


Finally, it’s time to take into account your personality.

Yes, your actual personality is a revealing factor in rediscovering who you are!  It wasn’t until I took the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test did I fully understand what an introvert was!  I thought I was just shy ‘til drunk lol

There are plenty of tests to take that are reputable.  Key phrase being reputable!  I’m talking about the official ones not the ones found on buzzfeed lol

Here are 3 personality type tests you can find online:

  1. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator: www.mbtionline.com
  2. 16 Personalities (free knock off of the MBTI) www.16personalities.com
  3. Find your fascination: www.howtofascinate.com
  4. The strengths finder: https://www.gallupstrengthscenter.com/Purchase/en-US/Product

These personality test will also help you understand how you think, feel, and react to things internally and externally!  You’ll gain some much needed insight to rediscover yourself as the strong woman you are!

Alright, so…

when you embark on this journey of soul search and self-discovery, you’ll find some tough questions.  Be honest with yourself when you answer these questions!  That’s the only way you can rediscover yourself truly!  So above we chatted about considering the roles you play in life, considering your passions, considering your values, considering your talents and skills, and finally discovering your personality type.  As the cliché says, “This is only the tip of the iceberg!”  it’s true.  You as a woman are like a still lake!  You have no idea how deep it goes ‘til you dive deep!  So don’t be afraid to dive deep into this self-discovery process!

Which questions will you answer today?  Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to share this with your friends on social media!

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Brittany Marie is a Transformational Growth Coach for women who want to make their dreams a reality and use it to live their purpose and impact the world! She does this by providing coaching, 1:1 intensives, group masterminds, blog posts, and workshops! When she isn't doing all of this she is spending time with the love of her life or relaxing with her knitting :-D To get in contact with her please go to the "reach out to me" in the menu bar or in the footer.

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Melissa Summer - July 5, 2017 Reply

Hi! Just wanted to leave a note (not sure if you’re aware) that http://www.16personalities.com is NOT the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The only place you can take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is http://www.mbtionline.com. The 16personalities test is a free online quiz that uses the 4-letter typing based on Carl Jung’s theory mixed with another theory and shares no information about the validity and reliability of their quiz.

From their website: “With our model, we’ve combined the best of both worlds. We use the acronym format introduced by Myers-Briggs due to its simplicity and convenience – however, we have redefined several Jungian traits and introduced an additional one, simplifying our model and bringing it closer to the latest developments, namely the dimensions of personality called the Big Five personality traits. Furthermore, unlike Myers-Briggs or other theories based on the Jungian model, we have not incorporated cognitive functions such as Extraverted Thinking or Introverted Sensing, or their prioritization, instead choosing five independent scales and building our types around them.”

Essentially, you get what you pay for and the danger in calling it the actual Myers-Briggs assessment is that people are often given results that are not correct and there is no verification process of type as their is with the actual Myers-Briggs assessment…

Rob Satrom - July 5, 2017 Reply

What do you think about the whole idea “if the grass is greener on the other side, start watering your grass”?

Particularly when you talk about “changing or removing the roles you play.”

I’m curious how you think contentment and spirituality play into it as well. Thoughts?

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