Set Goals for Things You Actually Want to Achieve

I sold $20,000 worth of Avon because I wanted to join the President’s Club and that’s what it took.

I was 19yrs old when I accomplished this goal and I did it without buying a sh**-ton of product which is often an issue with the direct sales opportunity.

I wanted to join this cool club and an awesome benefit was increased commissions on everything. Joining this club said I helped people to get what they wanted and enjoyed and I had loyal customers.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because too often we create goals for things that we “should” do. Shoulds are usually placed on you by outside forces like society, family, and work, that aren’t in alignment with who you are as an individual. Internal motivation, the reason why YOU want to accomplish something, is the best and strongest type of motivation. When you have internal pressure it’s like you have no choice but to act. Your mind won’t let you forget. It won’t let you slack. It won’t let you whine. You’ll just be motivated to go! This type of motivation can’t be fake but it can be fueled! You can fuel this by reminding yourself everyday why this is important to you. What’ll mean when you accomplish this.  What type of woman accomplishes these goals.

Takeaway for you

Set goals for the things you actually want to achieve. I didn’t set a goal for $20,000 in sales. I said a goal for the President’s Club and that meant I had to make $20,000 in sales which meant I needed to have loyal customers to reach this goal. So my tasks focused on building relationships with loyal customers.

Whip out your journal and ask yourself “Where do I see myself in 3 years and what type of woman am I? How can I emulate that woman today and tomorrow?” If you have any questions comment below or hit up the contact me page! Join the Free Facebook Group By Clicking Here

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