How to stop emotional spending from derailing your financial goals

New Year, New You, New Money Goals!

You have big financial goals for 2017!  You’ve decided that you are going to get out of debt, so you’ve attempted to do all the things… reduce spending, cut expenses, increase income.  These are all going well and you are making really good progress… that is… until your boss stresses you out!  Man!  Why won’t they leave you alone?  Geez!

And you keep going along and it’s ok but not great.  Then comes the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  You find out that the promotion you’d been working for has been given to someone else or that you alone are working this weekend to meet a deadline!  GAH!

What’s a woman to do in this situation?  Well, you whip out that handy dandy credit card and provide yourself with some retail therapy… right?


Retail therapy will set back all the progress you’ve made in reaching your financial goals.  You know what happens after “retail therapy”?  Buyer’s remorse! “Oh geez, I shouldn’t have bought that” or “Man, did I really need to spend $300 on those new shoes?” Do you know what buyer’s remorse really is?  It’s your thinking brain having regrets for letting your emotional brain take over.

When we aren’t actively engaged with who we are and what we think, our emotions rule our purchases and actions.  If you want to reach the goals you’ve set, you have to discover what’s triggering you in the first place!

One of the things I do with my coaching clients is a full money bio.  The point of this money bio is to find the emotional triggers in their history.  This process helps us to see what are triggers in her life.  Since this is an article and not a session, here are questions I suggest you ask yourself… be sure to answer honestly and wholeheartedly.

Let’s get started!

What is the trigger?  What’s going on right now?

The point of this is to identify what’s going on RIGHT NOW that’s causing these feelings.  Become aware of what’s going on in your life at the moment something triggering is happening so you’ll be able to recognize when it happens again! A good thing to do is to write it down with today’s date.  You’ll be amazed when you look back on this in a few days and see what’s changed since then.

How do you feel right now in this instant?

This is to self-identify what feelings are coming up for you right now. Whether it’s sadness, anger, frustration, or something else.  Keep it real!  Only you are judging you.

When have you felt like this before in life? What was the event? What happened after and how did this affect you then?

These questions are to help you go back to the very first time this trigger occurred and see what the events were around it.  Often it’s not the event that’s saved it the results of the event that’s saved as a learning experience on what not to do.  Recalling the event and reframing it can help change the feelings attached to it.

What do you believe now as a RESULT of this past experience?

This question helps you to bring forth the unconscious beliefs you have about yourself and money.  These beliefs are running without your knowledge and are tainting everything you do.  Getting to the root of this lead to an awakening.

How has this belief affected your life?  Is there anything you’d like to change?  What would you like to believe? What would it take for you build this new belief?

Now that you know this limiting belief exists in your mind it’s up to you to determine what will come of it.  Knowing it’s there is great but just knowing doesn’t make it go away and it doesn’t make whatever triggered you less triggering.

This is where the hard question comes in:  Can you do this ALONE?

Be truthful with yourself!  It takes a Smart Woman to know when to ask for help and Strong Woman to ASK for help.  So don’t hesitate to reach out to me or anyone else for help with this issue.  When you remove the power from the triggers they are no longer triggers!

If you are interested in finding out more about what I do schedule a Complimentary Money Mojo Breakthrough Session with me today!  I can’t wait to chat with you!

To wrap up, emotional spending triggers can great derail your financial goals.  By using these 10+ questions and a glass wine you can get to the heart of some of these triggers.  If you are interested in overcoming the limiting beliefs you discover around money don’t hesitate to apply for a complimentary consultation with me today!

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