How to get unstuck in your relationship with money

You are Stressed and Struggling


If you are stressed and struggling in your relationship with money you need to change the situation in some way.  If you are adamant that you can’t implement the change necessary or you are in denial, then this is a sign that you need to make some changes.  Stressful money situations can drive out logical thoughts and create panic.

Extreme stress can lead to depression and is often accompanied by feelings of being trapped and not having any choices.

This is not true!

Start with this three-point plan to start shifting into action:

1) Ask yourself: “What are my options in reducing this stress that won’t add stress in another area?”

Imagine a solution to create your ideal relationship with money.

This might be journaling, coaching, or meditation.

For each solution Ask yourself these two questions: 1) What will happen if I do this? and 2) What will happen if I don’t do this?

2) Ask yourself “in order to move forward, do I need more information, and if so, from who?”

You can google it, read, join a group on FB

3) Then Ask yourself “What resources and support do I need?” and “What’s stopping me from enlisting help?”

A coach is a great resource in cases like these as well.

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If you want to first coach yourself though this before hiring someone start here:

Get yourself a notebook or a few pieces of paper and a pen.  Take some deep breaths and open your mind.

Get clear on your values around money, your vision for your life, and your money and life goals.

Ask:  What do I really want now in my life?


Know that changing life circumstances may change your goals and the steps you need to take.

Ask: Where can I be more flexible now?


Take note of what you can let go and what you don’t need any more.

Ask: What’s getting in the way of my best interest?


Only take actions that improve your relationship with money and self-esteem.

Ask: How does this action or decision make my relationship with money stronger?


Realize that you can’t help everyone, change everything, or achieve everything.

Ask: What can I accept with graceful humility?


Know how and when to ask for help.

Ask: Who can support, encourage, or inspire me?


Have a backup plan…or 3 lol.

Ask:  What options do I have? What else can I do?  What option can’t I see yet? (Think outside the box)


Going through this process will open up your eyes to your situation and help you realize the options you do have out there that can help you reduce the stress and the struggle.  I think writing is one of the ways to determine what’s going on in your head.

Please let me know if you take up the getting unstuck challenge this week and feel free to join the Facebook to continue this discussion 🙂

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