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When you master something it becomes a skill ingrained in your brain.

Money is no different.

Managing money is important in life but management requires more than keeping a budget.

Managing money means mastering your relationship with money.

What’s a relationship with money? A relationship is an emotional connection with someone or something.  A relationship with money will be considered emotional because of how it presented itself in your past through your own actions and how your parents/ guardians handled money.  Money and often the lack of it creates negative feelings and emotions in your brain.  After a while, these negative thoughts feelings and emotions manifest into self-sabotaging actions like overspending, not budgeting, and hoarding money.

Because money is necessary to live life in any sort of pleasing way, it can cause resentment within yourself when you have a lack of it.  It can also cause stress.  Financial stress is one of the deepest types of stress that will wreck havoc on both your mind and your body with issues like headaches and weight gain.

Discovering what your relationship with money and working to improve it is something you can do with help.  Often times we can’t see our own bullshit which is why we love the friends that call us on it.  That’s where a Financial Mindset Coach comes in.

A financial mindset coach such as myself will walk you through an initial process that helps you to determine where you are coming from in your relationship to money. This process shows how your relationship with money is affecting your everyday life.

Then I would work with you to change the old negative habits into positive habits that help you build wealth.  Eventually we transition into an accountability relationship that helps you create habits that stick for good.

This blog will educate you on creating a money relationship that empowers you but if at any time you are ready to work on your own personal relationship with money you can work with me.

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Brittany Marie is a Transformational Growth Coach for women who want to make their dreams a reality and use it to live their purpose and impact the world! She does this by providing coaching, 1:1 intensives, group masterminds, blog posts, and workshops! When she isn't doing all of this she is spending time with the love of her life or relaxing with her knitting :-D To get in contact with her please go to the "reach out to me" in the menu bar or in the footer.

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