Why Do You Need to Gain Control of Your Money?

I want to show you that it’s ok to talk about money. I want to help you to become really in charge of your finances. When you realize that releasing the blueprints you have in your subconscious, instilled by family, culture, and other economic factors, you will have a better understanding of how it all works. If you mind your funds and have a plan for growth with positive energy your pennies will grow to nickels, dimes, quarters, dollars, and beyond.

Communities Perpetuate Bad Feelings Towards Money

There are many communities perpetuating the bad ideas and feelings towards money and wealth. It’s heavy in “crabs in a bucket” mentality. [Tweet “Some Communities live with Crab Mentality”] A lot of the time it’s through indirect means. Giving you the side-eye, wondering who pays your bills, spending your money before you have it, running up credit cards and not paying their bills, scheming and scamming you, and more. There’s this quote “if you know better you do better, and knowing is ½ the battle”. This is not true. If it were true smokers would stop smoking because they know smoking is not good for them, gamblers would stop gambling before betting their homes. No, knowing is only a small piece of the pie.  Action and habits are what sustain change.

I Want You to Gain Control of Your Money

I want to help you get in the habit of minding your money. I want to help you grow your financial confidence. I want to increase the number of homeowners. I want to reduce the strain you feel of reliance on family members for financial support. Every family has the borrowers and the ones who are being borrowed from who are almost never paid back. I want to help release you from those awkward family-straining conversations of “when are you going to pay me back?” [Tweet “No more asking “where’s the money you owe me?””] I want you to be able to plan for, save for, and go on a vacation!

Financial Freedom is one of the best feelings in the world

I want to help guide you to financial freedom. There is something to be said about having a feeling of freedom and abundance.

Don’t Worry!  We are Starting with the Basics!

Because this is a new journey for me as well as you I will be starting with the very basics. The beginning will seem a bit slow and drawn out but that’s because there’s a lot of mental work to do. We will discuss your “why?” and any limiting beliefs you may have. We will then move on to budgeting for life, debt reduction, and savings, and finally wealth building through investments. I am here to guide you on your way to financial freedom and financial peace.  I will also be sprinkling some lifestyle posts just to give you a look into my life and who I am.

I want to help you make your wildest dreams come true

I dream that there will be fewer people on welfare due to systematic poverty. I dream of one day owning my own home. I dream of sharing the joys of homeownership in an equally diverse neighborhood, where I am not the only Black woman. I look forward to that time and I hope that you are one of my neighbors. 😀

Cheers to new beginnings!  Thanks for reading and remember living a real life and managing your funds is possible!


Brittany Marie

About the Author

Brittany Marie is a Transformational Growth Coach for women who want to make their dreams a reality and use it to live their purpose and impact the world! She does this by providing coaching, 1:1 intensives, group masterminds, blog posts, and workshops! When she isn't doing all of this she is spending time with the love of her life or relaxing with her knitting :-D To get in contact with her please go to the "reach out to me" in the menu bar or in the footer.

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